To keep your lashes 🔥 it’s very important to come into Masha Lash for regular biweekly refills. If you don’t, as your natural lashes shed your eyelash extensions also shed. Our LashPass™ memberships are designed with you in mind to keep your bank account and your lashes looking beautiful. 🔥 2 fills per month ‍ 🔥 10% off retail (Lash Bath, Brushes, Shirts etc..) ‍ 🔥 10% off additional services

New to lashes? LashPass™ members save 10% on Full Sets ❤️

Transfer client? LashPass members save 10% on 90-minute transfer fills ** If you sign up after the 5th day of the current month your LashPass™ subscription will start on the 1st of the following month**


Includes Lash Artist


2 Refills per month with Lash Artist at ANY Location

10% off additional services

10% off retail products

Member-only promotions and specials

Discounted Services at Renewal Skin Spa & Solana Tanning


I recommend Masha Lash, they have a lash pass for $129 a month and it’s the best deal, with the best lash artists."

– Kelsey Pallas, LashPass Subscriber

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Memberships can be suspended or canceled at anytime with 30 days written notice to [email protected]

What if I don't use my 2 refills in a month?

If you do not use any of your refills during the month. No worries!! You will receive a credit on your account that you may use towards other Masha Lash services. Unused credits expire after 6 months and are non-transferable.

I never had lashes. What if I need a full set?

Our LashPass members enjoy 10% off Full Sets! We would highly recommend subscribing to Lash Pass prior to booking your full set to save 10% off your full set.

I am a transfer client from another lash studio or artist?

Excellent - the best thing to do would be to purchase your LashPass - then book a 90-minute transfer client fill. LashPass members save 10% on transfer client fills and your LashPass membership should cover most of the 90-minute fill cost.

What style of lashes does LashPass cover?

Classic, Volume, Hybrid

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